Happy Culture Good Co. promotes the advocacy of happiness in the workplace. We aim to encourage employees to become individuals who inspire growth through honing a happy culture and become thought leaders in their companies, schools, and organizations.

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Jade Ocinar, Founder & Happy Chief

I started Happy Culture Good Company in 2014 when I was striving to keep my hopes up for a crumbling team in the midst of a company meltdown. The only way to motivate a bunch of web developers, web designers, marketers, and the management team to not give up is to develop a happy working environment. A workplace where every effort is greatly appreciated. A workplace where we can develop our skills as well as our personalities. A workplace where you find each employee valuable and continues to lift each other up. I strongly believe in kind words, constant contacts, and personal space. These ideals came true and it brought out the best in us.

Favorite Friday Rituals: Skills building Friday and company film viewing of course!

Favorite drink: Brewed coffee but when I accomplish a lot in a day, Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

My go-to motivating music: Spotify’s Tchaikovsky Album

Hobby: Travel and paint; engage people in a random conversation

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Juan Carlos A Bernabe

JC Bernabe, Co-Founder and Creative Director



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