TGGA (The Great Goat Adventure) – Our Happy Company for September

For Filipinos who are looking for a place to eat healthy in Quezon City, we recommend TGGA. The Great Goat Adventure also know as TGGA is our Happy Company for September. Why? Because they serve food that doesn’t only make your body happy but your pockets too!

It’s actually my first time to eat goat meat! But since TGGA  offers everything organic from goat to pork, from chicken to sea foods, and even vegetables, the meals tasted sooo good. TGGA specializes in Ilocano cooking too.

TGGA owner Atty. Art Corpuz is an advocate of uplifting the socio-economic standing of our fellow Filipinos here in the country. So by growing the livestock in a farm in Ilocos, they are able to provide jobs among the locals. Very inspirational.

My favorite meals so far are Sinigang na Salmon, Goat Kaldereta, Grilled Salmon (of course!), Kambing na Tapa!, Taco Salad made with Iloco Longganisa, Native Chicken Tinola, Bagnet!, and Insarabasab grilled pork.  Everything taste so good actually!  Better dine there this weekend to experience TGGA.


TGGA-Mindanao-Ave-Menu-1 TGGA-Mindanao-Ave-Menu-2 TGGA-Mindanao-Ave-Menu-3

TGGA The Great Goat Adventure Restaurant
Opens 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tejo Threads Weaves

Tejo Threads – Our Happy Company for August

We are all threads weaved together.  Some were weaved loose to each other, some were tight enough it causes friction, and some were weaved just right. Now that’s my story. In Tejo Threads, every bracelet you wear tells a different story and that compelled me to support the brand. A thin weave of studded threads caught my attention of all the local products that AVA offers. Tejo surely gets our Happy Culture Good Company approval!

This is more than just a bracelet. Tejo creates hand woven pieces, made with love by underprivileged Filipino women. We help by giving them livelihood and a fair income. At Tejo, we want to weave not only bracelets, but beautiful stories too.

So last month, I purchased few Tejo threads online and wore it ever since. Tejo threads became my personal statement. It was such a delight to post photos of me wearing it on Instagram because they deserve to be out there. Not too long when Tejo noticed my posts and liked it. As a consumer it really meant a lot! After a week, a pack arrived to me and it was a gift from Tejo!

Here what the note says:

“Hello Jade, We absolutely loved your posts! Thank you for supporting our livelihood program. Know that everytime you wear our pieces, you empower Filipino women with livelihood and fair income. We hope you like these additions to your arm party! Thank you for weaving with us!❤ Gabs.”

That melts my heart. I’ve never received any handwritten notes from any brand I purchased from before. It feels great to help others in our own little way. Thank you, @tejothreads

Tejo Threads Weaves

This is me with an attempt to bracelet modeling. Haha

Tejo Threads Weaves

Ready to paddle!

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